Escabeche de Corvina
Peruvian pickled fish, topped with yellow peppers and red onions in a sweet and sour sauce that is refreshing from the ají panca (non spicy pepper) and the vinegar in the pickling sauce. Served over a bed of a delicious quinoa stew.
Corvina Saltada
Flambeed dices of Corvina fish in red vinegar and soy sauce, mixed and sauteed with fries potatoes, slices of red onion and tomatoes. Served with white rice.
Pescado a lo Macho
Fried Corvina fish topped with mixed seafood in our original yellow creamy saffron sauce.
Papa a La Huancaina
Boiled potatoes in a yellow pepper and creamy cheese sauce
Tamalito Limeno
Mashed Peruvian corn with cilantro, filled with chicken, botija olives and yellow peppers, wrapped in banana leaves
Causa Inkanto
Mashed yellow potatoes seasoned with lime juice and hot peppers filled with prawns and avocado slices
Yucas a la Huancaina
Fried yuca served with a side of Peruvian chesse sauce.
Choritos a La Chalaca
6 mussels covered with diced onion, tomato, corn, hot pepper, and seasoned with lime juice
Ocopa Arequipena
Boiled and sliced yellow potatoes covered with sauce made of ají peppers and peruvian herb called "Huacatay" mixed with white chesse, sided with lettuce and boiled eggs and olives.
Chicharron De Calamar
Fried calamari served with creole onion salad and fried yuca with tartar sauce on the side
Causa de Pollo
Mashed yellow potatoes seasoned in a lime juice and yellow pepper, filled with chicken salad or tuna salad and avocado slices
Rocoto Relleno
Stuffed hot pepper with seasoned ground beef served with cheese on the top and potatoes gratin on the side
Papa Rellena
Stuffed hot pepper with seasoned ground beef served with cheese on the top and potatoes gratin on the side
Ensalada Inkanto
Slices of tomatoes, botija olives, avocado, queso fresco (fresh white cheese) and choclo (Peruvian corn), over romaine lettuce with a side of our delicious and fresh house dressing.
Inkanto Sampler
Lightly fried, breaded fish fillet pieces and fried seafood.
Served with delicious fried yuca, criole onion salad, and tartar sauce on the side.
Ceviche Tradicional
The National dish of Peru Delicate fish and onions marinated in aromatic lime juice and peppers (aji limo). Served with corn, sweet potato and canchitas
Ceviche de Conchas Negras
Black shellfish and onions marinated in aromatic lime juice, hot pepper (aji limo) and our secret ingredient. Served with corn, lettuce and canchitas
Ceviche de Inkanto
Delicate fish and onions marinated in aromatic lime juice and yellow pepper sauce Served with corn
Ceviche Mixto
Delicate fish topped wit seafood, and onions marinated in aromatic lime juice and aji limo pepper. Served with corn, sweet potato, and canchitas
3 Ceviches
A Sampler of our 3 best Ceviches. Tradicional, Conchas Negras and Ceviche Inkanto.
Ceviche de Camarones
Cool and tasty shrimp ceviche marinated in aromatic lime juice, hot pepper (aji limo), red onion, and cilantro. Served with corn, sweet potatoe and canchitas .
Lomo Saltado
Flambeed dices of beef steak sauteed with onions, tomatoes, and peppers. Served with French fries and white rice.
Chicken $18                          Shrimp $22
Taipa (steak, chicken and shrimp) $24
Pollo Saltado
Dices of chicken in a soy sauce mixed with french fries, onions, tomatoes, and cilantro in red vinegar.
Arroz con Mariscos
Mixed of rice with seafood in a Spanish paella style.
Marinated beef heart, skewered and seared over the grill Served with peruvian corn and grilled golden potatoes.
Aji De Gallina
Shredded chicken dish in a spicy yellow pepper creamy sauce prepared with garlic, aji amarillo and pecans.
Arroz con Pato
Tender duck leg quater, served with rice cooked in dark beer.
Arroz Chaufa
MMix of fried rice in a wok, with diced chicken, green onions, egg, and stir fried with soy sauce
Meat .
Beef $18                                   Shrimps $20
Taipa (beef, chicken and shrimp)Taipa (beef, chicken and shrimp) $22
Aguadito de Pollo
Hearty delicious chicken abd cilantro soup made with pieces of chickenbbreast and potatoes, cooked with peas, carrots and rice.
Delicious soup made with fish and seafood, seasoned with peruvian peppers.
Aguadito Novo Andino
Traditional peruvian soupmade with quinua grain and a assortment of seafood.
Seco De Cordero
Peruvian lamb stew, seasoned with cumin, aji peppers, and cilantro., served with white rice and navy beans
Taku Taku Inkanto
Mixture of beans and rice topped with Seco de Cordero
Chupe de Camarones
Classic peruvian shrimp chowder made with potatoes, milk, egg and herbs.
Tallarin Saltado
SSpaghetti sauteed with chicken, read onions, onions, tomatoes, yellow peppers, and spices in red vinagar.
Chicken $18                              Shrimp $22
Picante de Mariscos
Braised scallops, calamari, shrimps, and mussels in a creamy yellow pepper sauce mixed with pieces of potatoes and side of white rice.
Sudado de Corvina
Classic peruvian stew made with corvina fish fillets, cooked with yuca, tomatoes and red onions. Served with white rice on the side.
Tallarines Saltados con Verduras
Spaghetti sauteed with spinach leaves and baby squash in a red vinager and white wine
Chaufa Vegetariano
Mix of fried rice in a wok, wth mushrooms, green onions, peppers, brocoli and red onions in a stir fried with soy sauce
Tabule de Quinua
Fresh‌ and healthy salad made with organic quinoa, a grain from the andes with slices of avocado, tomatoes, and onions
Picante de Quinua con Champignones Salteados Organic quinoa stew in yellow pepper sauce, cilantro and Peruvian healthy herbs with boiled dices potatoes. Topped with mushrooms sauteed $19.95
Peruvian cookie filled with dulce de leche
Arroz con Leche
Rice with milk enriched with condense milk of a Peruvian rice pudding style
Mazamorra Morada
A popular Peruvian dessert made from purple corn and fruit. It's thickened into a pudding-like texture with chuño (potato flour)
Mazamorra‌ Morada with arroz con leche, when served together it’s usually called a combinado or clasico
Arroz Zambito
A more Peruvian version of Arroz con Leche with a distinctive flavor of a type of sugar cane call chankaka
Delicia de Maracuya
Delicious moose made with passion fruit
Helado de Lucuma
Ice‌ Cream made from a Peruvian famous fruit lucuma
One of the most popular Peruvian doughnuts dessert made with squash and sweet potatoes, served immediately with warm cane sugar syrup called chankaka
Pionono de Manjarblanco
Traditional Peruvian soft and light sponge cake roll filled with a homemade dulce de leche
Selva Negra
Humid chocolate cake covered with chocolate cream
Suspiro a la Limeña "the sigh of a woman (from Lima)"
Manjarblanco (Dulce de leche) enriched with condense milk and stiff meringue made with a touch of port wine
Suspiro de Lucuma
Peruvian famous fruit lucuma mixed with condense milk topped with stiff merengue with a touch of port wine
Tres Leches al Pisco
Our signature dessert!
Light sponge cake soaked in vanilla flavored and pisco (Peruvian national liquor made form grapes) with a mixture of three kinds of milk